My mission is to share proven methods that will empower you to live a life of passion and purpose not just despite your hardships and challenges but rather BECAUSE of them. I’m here to help you rediscover the Wonder in your Woman!



Hello Fellow Wonder Woman, I’m Rosie!

The back story:

Years ago, I used to watch re-runs of Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman. It was one of my favorite things to do as a little girl. I was always so enthralled by her, that I often thought about – What made Wonder Woman so wonderful-. My answer was always the same and bounced between her superhuman powers, her arsenal of advanced technology, and her boots…because let’s face it her boots were fabulous!!! But I always attributed her “wonder” to an outside factor. I never once considered that what made her so spectacular was always so deeply engrained, that had she been stripped of all the frills (yes…even the boots), she would have still been wonder-FULL!

THAT IS…until I made this discovery for myself many years later.

The Aha moment, or shall I say process, didn’t come easy. It took overcoming grief, fear, self-doubt, and an array of limited beliefs, by connecting with my inner child to understand that just like Wonder Woman, my WONDER FACTOR was an internal one.

My Why?

See, there’s one thing about us women, we are all very similar… in our build anyway. As children, we all see the world through optimistic and exuberant eyes, its innate in us. There’s nothing we can’t tackle, nothing that can defeat us, and our boldness leads us. And then life begins to happen. For some, those challenges begin early on and for others later down the road. The commonality being, that whatever the difficulty, it comes to rob us of our dreams and aspirations and to convince us that we are somehow disqualified from achieving them.

Some things I’m proud of:

  • Bachelors in Elem Ed.
  • Lifetime educator, mentor, trainer, and professional development for over 20 years
  • Creating & designing my own inspirational jewelry line – Beads of Life
  • Writer/ blogger – Forgiven Much, Loves Much for 7+ years
  • Accomplished Author of a personal growth memoir–Refined in the Flame
  • Certified Empowerment Coach
  • Curriculum Development, Mastermind & Workshop facilitator on personal development topics (motivation, confidence, self-acceptance, self-love)
  • International Speaker
  • Sought after women’s events & conference speaker widely regarded as the Wonder in your Woman expert

A few of my favorite things…

I love spending time with G-d, doing anything adventurous with my husband, going to tea with my 2 ladybugs, traveling, massages, food…any kind really, kayaking, fishing, learning new words, learning new words in new languages, spas, books, trying new coffee shops, coconut ice cream, creating content, shopping for clothes, old musicals (the Sound of Music, the Wizard of Oz, Grease), and did I mention traveling?



Finding the Wonder in your Woman:

There are only 2 story lines to choose in this world…The first is Victim and the second is Victor. No matter what the scenario in your life, you get to choose which role you play. In fact, it’s a choice that we’re constantly making; every day and in every situation.

Like most people, 

Everybody has a story and you alone get to decide what that story sounds like, your circumstances don’t get to decide that…you do! Is it a story of triumph or a story of failure?

Are you the victim or the victor?

If you’re ready to live that life of Passion & Purpose that you deserve, not just despite your hardships and challenges but because of them, then let me help you remember why you are Worthy of astonishment, Worthy of admiration, and Worthy to marvel over.

Let’s Get Started.

we are powerful


your truth matters