There’s nothing new under the sun, goes the old adage. All things, good and bad before they reach us, have already been someone else’s experience at some point in time. There is no feeling, hurt, or emotion that we alone have felt, that would be considered new. Yet, we live in this world that is so self-focused that we believe no one would understand our pain, challenges, decision-making, or daily struggles because of course NO ONE ELSE in the history of earth and time, since the heavens were created, has EVER, EVER, EVER shared in our burden.

Ha! Now, that’s a joke if I’ve ever heard one. I hate to break it to you friend, but you’re not that special! There is no situation you’ve endured or no feeling you have experienced that another woman hasn’t already either failed at or conquered at some point. We don’t have to be the same social status, race, profession, or class to share in those completely normal mundane experiences.

Yet, so many times we walk around faking it. Acting as if life couldn’t be better. Covering up our dissatisfaction with expensive purses, nice jewelry, and fancy vacations. Of course that isn’t an all-inclusive list, for many, value doesn’t come from tangible things, so instead they use job titles, pay raises, or the amount of likes they can get from a picture, to mask the disappointments and frustrations that keep them awake at night.

Whatever your cover-up is, let me remind you of one thing…masks are for masquerade parties and perfection is an illusion. Attempting to cover up our issues does only one thing, and that is to prolong our opportunity to live a free and gratifying life. Do you want to walk around your whole life subject to finding fulfillment in things and sporadic moments of relief?

The good news is that there is more available for us. It begins by letting go of this idea that we will be less than perfect if we share the adversity we may be living. Whether financial stresses, a health crisis, relationship issues, failed endeavors, or any other painful circumstance that we are carrying, we don’t have to bear the weight of it alone.

If there is one thing that is never wasted, its pain, and there are plenty of women who have been there before us and endured their share of hardship not only for themselves but for us too. It’s their story of failure or victory that we learn from that will help carry us over in our circumstance. So, if you really want to get better, expose it all, and Ladies, please, STOP FAKING IT!

Rosie Ortiz
Wonder in Your Woman International, LLC
Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach
Empowering Women to find the Wonder in their Woman

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