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Rosie, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. How did you come up with the idea for your business?

Wonder in your Woman was born from a costume contest I participated in. I was determined to win by dressing up as my alter ego; Wonder Woman. I carefully pieced every single aspect of this costume together and was sparing nothing. It had to be perfect not just so I could win but because in a sense, it represented this whole other part of who I wanted to see myself as. The piece that took me the longest to find was the boots. I finally came upon the perfect ones and the moment I tried them on I knew these were the winners. Apparently everyone else thought so too as I won the costume contest that day!

But aside from winning the contest, something happened as I wore those boots. It brought back memories of being a little girl who felt invincible, who had a clear understanding of her own strength, who wasn’t afraid of what lied ahead, and who saw the world through optimistic eyes and endless possibilities. The boots were the “wonder” factor of the whole costume, and I couldn’t help but feel it as I wore them.

This was certainly not the life I was living at the time and I didn’t want to take the boots off because I didn’t want the feeling to go away. So I decided to do the hard work of digging deep, dealing with past issues, breaking old patterns, and building new ones so that I could keep the boots on permanently ( the invisible ones of course) 🙂 Because after all, it wasn’t just about a pair of boots but about a mindset!

Out of this experience came Wonder in your Woman!

There are so many women who aren’t living a life of passion and purpose because they have allowed past hurt, learning challenges, stumbling blocks, poor choices and just “life” to convince them that its too late and that they are somehow disqualified. Through my one on one coaching, group coaching, speaking, workshops and seminars my job and privilege is to help women everywhere identify or reconnect with that “wonder” factor within themselves and help them to begin shifting their mindset so that they can begin living that life of passion and purpose that they deserve.

As always, we appreciate you sharing your insights and we’ve got a few more questions for you, but before we get to all of that can you take a minute to introduce yourself and give our readers some of your back background and context?

There’s one thing about us women, we are all very similar… in our build anyway. As children, we all see the world through optimistic and exuberant eyes, its innate in us. There’s nothing we can’t tackle, nothing that can defeat us, and our boldness leads us. And then life begins to happen. For some, those challenges begin early on and for others later down the road. The commonality being, that whatever the difficulty, it comes to rob us of our dreams and aspirations and to convince us that we are somehow disqualified from achieving them.

My mission through Wonder in your Woman, is to share proven methods that will empower women to live a life of passion and purpose not just despite their hardships and challenges but rather BECAUSE of them. I am a believer that hardship is tied to purpose, so no matter what the learning challenges, stumbling blocks, or inner conflict someone has experienced I’m here to help them rediscover the Wonder in their Woman!

As I am no exception, I came into Coaching & Speaking through the hardships and challenges I have faced. I was always aware that I could chose to be the victim in my story or the victor. I chose the latter and have instead used my experiences, and hurts to uplift, motivate, encourage, and empower women. Through group and individual coaching as well as through speaking I am able to be create a space for transformation as well as be transparent with my clients/audience and inspire change in them.

Among the things I’m most proud of are:
– I’m a lifetime educator, mentor, trainer, professional development for 20+ years
– I’ve created and designed my own inspirational jewelry line
– Writer/bogger
– Author of a personal growth memoir – Refined in the Flame
– Certified empowerment coach
– Sought after Speaker
– Wonder in your Woman expert!
– Mom to 2 beauties, Sky & Rain
– Wife to an amazing husband who gives me Healthy & Happy Love!

Any insights you can share with us about how you built up your social media presence?

Social media is a lot of work! It requires consistency and valuable content. In my opinion what you post is just as important as how often you post. I take a lot of time and put in a lot of effort into making sure that my quality matches my quantity. It isn’t enough to post multiple times a day if what you’re putting out isn’t original content and isn’t impacting your audience. For me this means making intentional time for content creation at the beginning of the week and planning it out so that I’m not feeling the stress of not knowing what to post next and then putting out low quality content just to meet the need at hand. A technique that works for me is using themes. I select a theme for the whole week and every piece of content I create falls under that umbrella making it easier to develop and it also allows me the opportunity to speak to that topic for a prolonged period. This resonates with my audience. Growth is everyone’s goal on social media but attracting real followers requires originality and letting everyone connect with the “real” you. This keeps your followers around.

Can you talk to us about how your side-hustle turned into something more.

Wonder in your Woman began as a concept that I slowly started to build up and was definitely a side hustle at the start. As time went on and I began to add different components to it, it only made sense to turn it into an official business. I was still working it on the side but little by little it began to demand more of my energy and to take up more of my time. I had a full time job and it became hard to manage both. I worked on Wonder in your Woman in the evenings, weekends, days off, and anytime I had an opportunity. Ultimately, this was where my passion lied. It eventually got to the point where if I wanted to continue growing Wonder in your Woman I would have to take it on full time. It was a hard decision to make because as much as I loved the idea of moving into Wonder in your Woman on a full time basis, it was also scary to leave a guaranteed paycheck job. After contemplating the idea for several months, I eventually decided that I had to take the leap. This gave me the opportunity to focus all my efforts on expanding Wonder in your Woman and implementing ideas that weren’t possible before given my limited availability. I have since been able to develop and put on my own Wonder in your Woman workshops and trainings as well as enlarge the capacity for my coaching programs, increase my availability for speaking, and solidify the infrastructure of Wonder in your Woman as a whole.

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Rosie Ortiz
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