Who doesn’t love a great performance? Hamilton, Jersey Boys, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Cats…and the list goes on. Seats are sold out months in advance and if you manage to get a hold of a ticket, you better believe you’re going to pay a steep price for it. No matter how many times you’ve seen a production, when it’s one of the classics, by the time the curtains fall you will certainly be blown away and left speechless and in awe over the brilliant act.

Filling up an auditorium for this type of production is easy. Every single seat is taken because the audience is certain that the performance will measure up to every good review and deliver on every promise of excellence.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if the climax of the story was taking longer than usual to unfold? What if the story you expected to play out took such a twist that you suddenly became confused as to the show you were even watching? Chances are very high that if you weren’t enjoying a show or didn’t like where the storyline was going you might even walk out of the theatre. We all have that option when it comes to a Broadway show, but how do you walk out of a show when the storyline is about you?

Did I lose you? Bear with me.

The auditorium’s ceiling is high, and seating is vast. The long red curtains are drawn and the only light the eye captures is coming from the aisle seats, just enough to help you find your seating assignment and keep you from tripping in the process. It’s quiet, and you are sitting front and center waiting for the next take of the story of your life to begin. You look around and no one else is there. Everyone’s walked off because the performance up to this point either wasn’t interesting enough, the climax didn’t come fast enough, there were bad scenes in between, or they simply lost hope that this show could possibly revert into something worthy of watching.

Even you, begin to question what can come of such a story. Critics would absolutely give the story of your life a thumbs down and there are moments that you’ve secretly considered throwing a tomato or two at the performers. Yet, what holds you back is that you read the storyline beforehand, and you’re certain that it’s going to get better in spite of the fact that it keeps veering off the perfect script you had written for it.

As much as you want to give up and walk out just like everybody else has done, you don’t. Instead, you remember why you were there in the first place…because there was a promise.

Blessed is she who believed: for there shall be a performance of those things spoken to her. Luke 1:45

But the script isn’t right. The scenery is all wrong. There are people in the scene that don’t belong there and then there are some that are missing. They are saying the wrong lines. Who gave them a part in this story anyway? Things are happening out of order. Why the long intermission? This is a disaster! Who’s running this show?

Does that sound familiar?

It’s hard to believe anything good can come from the story of your life. If only the promise was true….a performance!!! A Performance of those things you were once certain would happen. If only the story began to change. If only you took the promise giver at His Word. If only you trusted Him enough to deliver on His promise of excellence. If only you dared to challenge Him.

Okay, G-d… I dare you. I dare you to do your biggest work for an audience of one. I dare you to take the little I have and turn it into much. I dare you to turn this ugly situation around. I dare you to do with me what no one thought possible. I dare you to take the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. I dare you to use me; the least qualified. I dare you not because I think you can’t but rather because I know you can.

Suddenly the performance begins again. Wait…something’s happening…..there’s been a change…. “They’re all missing it”, you think to yourself.

And then you remember – He saves His best work for an audience of one!

G-d doesn’t need an audience to bless you. In fact, many times He chooses to do so when you’re all alone in order that man would not take credit for what He alone has done. Daring G-d for me doesn’t come from a place of doubt but rather as a challenge, expecting Him to blow my mind in a way that only He can do because at the end of the day, His plans will always outdo mine!

Are you bold enough to Dare G-d today?

Rosie Ortiz
Wonder in Your Woman International, LLC
Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach
Empowering Women to find the Wonder in their Woman

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