Entrepreneurs aren’t born, they’re made. That’s exactly how Absolute Beauty came to be. 💥💫
Meet Jucelia. 💙
Jucelia is the proud owner of Absolute Beauty, a med spa, in Lakeland that expands self-esteem and well being through aesthetic treatments. As a wife, proud mother of 2 girls, and an entrepreneur Jucelia believes that work + life balance is the key to her success. Her hard work and dedication have allowed her to turn her passion for beauty and wellness into her dream business. She is committed to continuous personal growth and community engagement!
Jucelia performs aesthetic treatments on people who wish to treat issues related to facial or body aesthetics. In a personalized way, Jucelia analyzes the individual needs of each patient and creates unique treatment plans which target not only the problem that’s being exhibited but also other issues that will influence the final result. Her ultimate goal is to build people’s awareness around self-care.
Moving to the US from Brazil in 2017 was a challenge all on its own. With her limited English proficiency at the time, Jucelia decided that she would defy all odds and enrolled in college to pursue her degree and her license as a massage therapist. One of the most difficult things she ever did, it taught Jucelia that she was capable of not only that, but more.
Language wasn’t going to be a barrier and eventually her boldness to make moves that were beyond her inner critic catapulted her to where she is today…the owner of Absolute Beauty, a thriving beauty and wellness business in the Lakeland area. Her entrepreneurial spirit has opened doors for her to live a life she only dreamed of when she first moved to this country.
Jucelia’s greatest achievement is being able to build Absolute Beauty from scratch. With her family being her greatest inspiration, she strives to make them proud by building a business that reflects her strong work ethics, her commitment to her clients, and exceling in her field and entrepreneurial path!
The Wonder in her Woman is her ability to inspire others through her entrepreneurial journey, her dedication to her family, and her PASSION for promoting BEAUTY & WELLNESS!
Jucelia hopes to inspire other women to make moves that push them out of their comfort zone and to BOLDLY chase their dreams no matter what the opposition is.
This is Jucelia’s story. 🔥
What’s yours?

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