The precursor to every story of SUCCESS is usually a story of VULNERABILITY & PROCESS.

Meet Angelica Lazo.

Angelica is a brand strategist & online business coach. She leads her life with a deep sense of resilience after having journeyed from Nicaragua and having overcome the challenges of being a single mom and a domestic violence survivor. She values Resilience, Empowerment, and Transformation and has a strong conviction to empower women everywhere to rise above their circumstances and achieve their dreams!

She helps visionary queens bring their expertise into the online world to create passive or recurring income. Her role involves teaching clients how to effectively market their business online and streamline their operations to run on autopilot. She helps her clients transform unique skills into profitable online ventures positioning them as leaders in their respective fields.

Having launched her business in 2020 during the pandemic year was a significant challenge. It was also a time of personal upheaval – losing her sister to leukemia and adjusting to a new life with her soulmate. Trying to balance these emotional extremes while kickstarting a business was daunting and frankly enough for anyone to have given up. Instead, it taught Angelica the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Angelica’s greatest achievement has been building her business from scratch with just $85 in her bank account. This has been a symbol of her journey from struggling to find her path to establishing a successful online coaching business. The transformation she sees in her clients – being able to turn their passion into a profitable business and gain financial independence is what inspires her to do this work.

The WONDER in her WOMAN is her ability to empathize deeply with her clients’ struggles and aspirations. Having faced significant challenges herself, Angelica can connect with and inspire women. This empathy combined with her strategic business acumen, enables her to guide her clients towards success in a way that’s both heartfelt and effective!!!

Four years later and not only is Angelica surviving but she’s thriving! Through her story she continues to Empower, Motivate, and Inspire QUEENS everywhere to turn their passion into profitable businesses all while continuing to build her services like a BOSS!

This is Angelica’s story.

What’s yours?


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