Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. – PT Barnum

Meet Cynthia. 

As a financial consultant who focuses on teaching about finances and credit both personal & business, Cynthia lives her life by set values that serve as guiding principles which in turn help her navigate various aspects of her life and help her build meaningful connections with others.

Cynthia’s main focus is to convey the importance of handling your credit wisely, managing money, and making smart financial choices. She believes that equipping others with this knowledge is a sure way for them to experience financial security and long term success!

Having worked in corporate America for 20+ years, Cynthia’s decision to open her own company where she would transform her corporate experience into community education was initially terrifying. A fear of failure and of the unknown caused Cynthia to question her decision over and over again, but recognizing the extreme need for financial literacy that exists made her push past the trepidation, and in the process, discover how strong she truly was! 

Inspired by both her children, Cynthia’s main goal is to pass on this financial knowledge from generation to generation. She does this not only with her own children, but through a passion project called Financially Fit Kids. In this show which airs on PCBN and is available on youtube, Cynthia teaches children and teens about the importance of credit so that they too can make informed financial decisions as adults. 

The Wonder in her Woman is having GRATITUDE! …Expressing gratitude for opportunities and achievements, recognizing the contributions of others, and staying humble in the face of success. 

Undoubtedly, education begins at a young age but we don’t know what we don’t know until we know it…and when we do…it’s our responsibility to pass it on.

This is Cynthia’s story. 

What’s yours?




Rosie Ortiz
Wonder in Your Woman International, LLC
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