Life is full of moments worth capturing but only a few of us have the eye to do it.

Meet Glenda.

From Trinidad and raised in Tampa, Glenda loves all aspects of video and photography. She believes in capturing the moment, preserving history, supporting people who try to make a difference in the community and utilizing her God-given talents to make the world a better place.

Glenda is the Director of Programming and Production at Tampa Bay Arts & Education Network. She is in charge of all the production and distribution of original programs that air on Tampa‘s local non-profit education and arts channel which has been a part of the community for the past 37 years. Glenda has been with TBAE for 17 years.

Form a very young age Glenda learned how to capture the moment. As a self-described “wallflower” while growing up, Glenda always chose to blend in because it’s where she felt most comfortable. Being the only Indian kid everywhere she went made Glenda want to stay behind the scenes, and when she began her career with TBAE she chose to stay behind the camera, because this is where she felt most at ease.

In fact, its in the background where she discovered her passion for capturing the moment and preserving history. A true professional at what she does, Glenda has helped TBAE win 12 Telly awards for original programming. These merits have placed Glenda in the forefront of the story and not only behind the scenes; the familiar place for Glenda.

Through both her role and these feats, Glenda has learned to be more comfortable in her own skin, let her Voice be heard when needed, value her own experience and expertise in doing what she loves, and most importantly ACKNOWLEDGING it and being PROUD!

The Wonder in her Woman is her ability to tackle every project with the mindset of doing it to the best of her ability and always pushing herself to be more creative than before.

Glenda continues doing the work she loves by supporting people who try to make a difference in the community and encourages others to do what they love, to the best of their ability.

This is Glenda’s story.

What’s yours?



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