It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars – Richard Evans

Meet Marissa…

A star that shines so bright she lights up the room for everyone else when all they see is darkness.

Marissa wears her heart on her sleeve. In fact, in everything she does, she is led by her heart and the desire to see others succeed. Sincerity, honesty, and integrity is what she lives by. Amongst her many roles Marissa is a co-author in Slaying SWFL, chair of The Well Projects Community Advisory Board, and founder of a non-profit in the making for families impacted by leukemia.

As an HIV advocate and self-described serial entrepreneur, Marissa’s focus is centered around educating and connecting others to necessary resources in the health (HIV Specific), finance, estate document preparation and legal space.

This role didn’t come without pushback as Marissa had to overcome imposter syndrome and the fear of living past people’s judgements. With money management not being a strong suit at the  time for Marissa, and a history of bad credit, the financial education space was one where Marissa didn’t quite belong in other people’s opinions. Yet, it was this same deficiency that would eventually connect Marissa with the very people she wanted to help.

Marissa has received several recognitions and awards in her field. Yet she continues to push harder each and every day, recognizing  there is so much more to be done. Her biggest inspiration to continue her work is knowing she gets to help people during very difficult times in their lives, and on the flip side, play a small part in bringing them joy through things such as home buying qualification. In addition, Marissa is inspired to share her HIV story, so others don’t feel alone as she witnesses that there is LIFE past diagnosis.

The Wonder in her Woman is her ENERGY! With her genuine, lovable spirit that allows others to feel comfortable around her, Marissa is often referred to and complimented for being the light in a dark place.

As such, she continues to shine bright and to remind others that the room is only as dark as you allow it to be.

This is Marissa’s story.

What’s yours?



Rosie Ortiz
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