Trauma can sometimes be a bridge to purpose.


Meet Megan.


Owner and massage therapist at Thorne Wellness, Megan leads both her personal and professional life by 5 pillars of success or values.

  • Trust in God
  • Lead with love
  • Always forgive
  • Constantly check yourself
  • Don’t let fear hold you back


As a licensed massage therapist for the past 5 years, Megan absolutely loves what she does and says she will be a massage therapist for the rest of her life. Her clientele varies and is as diverse as she is. She works with athletes, and car accident victims, as well as prenatal and post partum moms. Being an athlete and car accident victim herself she understands the complexity of different situations and takes great care in meeting everyone’s needs.


It was a tragic incident that eventually led Megan to her life’s purpose. Having suffered the loss of her dad to suicide in 2016, Megan slipped into a suicidal alcoholic depression. After obtaining a DUI for driving under the influence and being baker acted for threatening to commit suicide, the first thing Megan did upon being released was to schedule a massage appointment. In her search for something that would instantly provide relief and make her feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually, this massage appointment also unveiled Megan’s life calling.


She immediately enrolled in massage school and graduated as valedictorian of her class and a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida exactly one year later.


Megan’s father is the inspiration behind everything she does. Naming her business after him is one of the ways she continues to represent the best parts of who he was and carry on his legacy. She describes her father as “the most loving and kind person she ever had the pleasure of knowing” who makes her think about Jesus every time she remembers him. Megan credits these same feelings of loss as the motivation to continue her life’s work.


The Wonder in her Woman is the patience that God gave her. She knows this patience is something God blessed her with and not from her own power, and that’s what truly makes it special.


Megan describes herself as blessed to be a part of this wonderful world of healing and wellness and hopes to bring a little comfort to those when they most need it.


This is Megan’s story.


What’s yours?




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