People over profit. That’s her motto.

Meet Paulette.

In a world where money takes the lead on most decisions and business dealings, Paulette   believes prioritizing people and relationships over profit in order to obtain long term success is key! As a multiple streams of income expert, speaker, author, and community advocate Paulette’s professional role is expansive. Yet, her personal role is just as vast.


Lover of G-d and His people

Globe Trekker



Island Girl



And finally, a woman with a heart for souls, restoration of hurting people, and a deep compassion for the homeless.  This is Paulette.

Paulette speaks and teaches on the importance of Financial Freedom through multiple streams of income and home ownership. She has a focus on creating home-based businesses and has made it her business to help others make EXTRA money. She does this by teaching on how to be impactful entrepreneurs, helping others build their visibility, use their influence for profit, and harness leadership skills in the community.

Paulette considers her biggest achievement to be the opportunity to stand at the finish line of those businesses she has helped open as well as seeing the ROI for the investment emails she puts out.

The Wonder in her Woman is her understanding of her place and worth in the world. Paulette believes SHE IS who G-d says SHE IS and regardless of circumstances and people around her she walks around confidently.

Everyday, she continues to do what she loves …educating women and youth on the importance of financial freedom and in this process, she continues her mission… to find people with dreams she can invest her time, knowledge, and skills in.

This is Paulette’s story.

What’s yours?

Rosie Ortiz
Wonder in Your Woman International, LLC
Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach
Empowering Women to find the Wonder in their Woman

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