A wise woman can predict the future because she creates it, says the anonymous quote.
Meet Quin.
Quin is the founder of Sister Lady Girl, a midlife mentoring business, born out of her belief that:
Midlife is a launching pad and not a plateau”.
In her role as mentor, Quin helps women in their second phase of life who have decades of knowledge and skills, to uncover what’s next by using their earned experiences to launch the business, idea, or project of their dreams.

Quin spent the majority of her career in corporate communications in the roles of writer and communications strategist. She began creating online content about 5 years ago and has added to her resume the role of “Sidepreneur” . This new role has caused Quin to step out of her comfort zone. Where 5 years ago she would have never pictured herself speaking in front of hundreds of women, doing live interviews on TV, social media, and podcasts, she has now learned to put things into perspective by facing her fears and gathering feedback so she can constantly improve.


The Wonder in her Woman is her ability to take inspired action on a daily basis to help her get what she wants out of life.


Quin hopes to continue empowering women in midlife to create new opportunities for themselves through her coaching, programs, and her annual “The Second Act Summit”.
(April 27th in Tampa Tickets on Eventbrite)
Her underlying belief is that as her “sisters keeper” what she learns, she will teach to others.
This is Quin’s story.
What’s yours?



Rosie Ortiz
Wonder in Your Woman International, LLC
Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach
Empowering Women to find the Wonder in their Woman

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