Second chances don’t come around that often, so when they do we have to take complete advantage of them.

Meet Robyn.

Driven by Faith, Resilience, and Authenticity, Robyn can be described in many ways. She is a:

Fighter, Believer, Overcomer, Mom, Wife, Animal Lover, and Hopeless Romantic that never gives up!

But this is just on a personal level.

In the professional sense, Robyn is  an author, motivational speaker, and high performance coach whose mission is to “Wake your Warrior” so that you can “fight for your future self”. Robyn encourages others to live out loud , on their own terms, in their truth, and fulfilling their God-gifted purpose in a bold and unapologetic way!

Robyn doesn’t take her purpose lightly as she truly understands the meaning of second chances. Having come near death as a result of a rare infection which led to an emergency surgery, she had part of her spine removed leaving her with a partially dead leg and multiple degenerative bone issues. This experience and the opportunity of a second chance at life woke Robyn up to begin living in an authentic way and empowered her to take charge of her dreams!
As a result of this new found way of living and being, Robyn opened her fitness studio and launched her coaching business and has since been helping others transform their lives through her coaching, speaking, and writing. Her first book and greatest achievement up until now, The Machete Mentality, takes readers on an immersive journey to surrender their old self, question their current self, and fight for their future self. It is a publication ideal for anyone going through hardship or desiring a major life change. A self-help guide, The Machete Mentality, will awaken readers to make choices that will help pave the way to a life that ultimately frees them! Passionate about topics such as love, grief, adversity, and resilience, Robyn is currently working on her second book, Dancing with Tsunamis.
The Wonder in her Woman is her energy, her passion, and her relentless fire and ability to get others to do the impossible so that they too can take the risk to fully live out their dreams.

Undoubtedly, Robyn can be described in many ways but perhaps her most notorious attribute is that she is a WARRIOR.

This is Robyn’s story.

What’s yours?




Rosie Ortiz
Wonder in Your Woman International, LLC
Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach
Empowering Women to find the Wonder in their Woman

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