Fortune favors the bold isn’t just a saying but a truth that shows itself to all who test it.
Meet Sheryl.
Dedicated to living in alignment with her Christian faith while striving to make each day count, Sheryl has achieved remarkable milestones through courage, faith, hard work and her commitment to the fruits of the spirit. She believes that in large part, our purpose is to support others facing challenges similar to those we’ve overcome.
Sheryl mentors and assists Real Estate Agents, Buyers, Sellers, and Investors in building wealth through real estate transactions. As a property appraiser/ Realtor/ Investor herself, she is passionate about all things Real Estate and enjoys helping individuals achieve their goals while navigating challenging situations like avoiding foreclosure or reducing property taxes and insurance costs. With 23 years of experience, Sheryl doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon but humorously shares that she always promises to use an up-to-date headshot!!!

Sheryl’s proudest accomplishment has been raising her son as a single parent. Balancing motherhood, with a career in a field where success hinges on 100% commission hasn’t been easy but she gives all glory to God as Noah now graduates high school. As one of the top-producing Real Estate Agents in Tampa ranked #26 in the US on the Realtrends Top US Agents list, Sheryl is grateful for Gods guidance every step of the way in all of her merits.

The Wonder in her Woman is Courage in the Lord and being Courageous in truth. Sheryl has taken risks over the years, some were wins and others losses yet she considers herself better for it all.

A believer that once we master a skill it becomes our responsibility to pass on that knowledge to others and empower them to achieve similar success, Sheryl continues to do just that, by teaching others how to be bold and courageous in their pursuit of achieving their goals.
This is Sheryl’s story.
What’s yours?






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